What You Need to Know If You Find Yourself Having a Dental Emergency

dental emergency Infinity Smile Center

Dental emergencies are incredibly common, but these situations are always frightening. Below is some information to help you determine whether you are having a dental emergency and the best action steps to take. 

How to know if you are having a dental emergency

Not every situation that results in pain or tooth damage is a dental emergency. In some cases, patients think they are experiencing an emergency but may actually be able to wait a couple days to see the dentist. However, if you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, you may need immediate treatment:

What to do in a dental emergency

If you believe you are having a dental emergency, you should contact Infinity Smile Center immediately to make an urgent appointment. If you can’t see Dr. Harry Ashitey right away, do what you can to keep yourself comfortable while you wait for your appointment. 

Dental emergencies can seem overwhelming, but you can prevent serious complications if you take the right actions. If you are having a dental emergency, or if you aren't sure whether your situation constitutes an emergency, please contact Infinity Smile Center today.

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