Finding the Best Smile Makeovers in Town

25 May

Smile makeovers are one of the most common cosmetic dental procedures undertaken by cosmetic dentists in Texas. There are many different types of cosmetic procedures that your local dentist can provide to improve the quality of your teeth. From teeth whitening to dental veneers, your dentist can help with any procedure you need.

One of the most popular forms of cosmetic dental work is teeth whitening, where a patient’s teeth are thoroughly cleaned using bleaching agents. After years of acidic food and drink, as well as bad habits, your teeth could become yellow or stained, giving off a dirty appearance.

Everyone wants to have clean teeth. However, not everyone wants to put in the work to maintain their smiles. Professional teeth whitening or even regular teeth cleanings can do wonders for the color of your teeth.

With so many cosmetic dentistry procedures, dental veneers are at the top of the list. If your natural teeth are damaged, then dental veneers are the best way to improve your smile. These porcelain veneers are custom fitted for your teeth by dental professionals, to ensure their comfort and appearance are perfect.

Dental implants are another popular type of cosmetic dental work where artificial teeth are placed into the mouth to replace ones that have been removed. Implant techniques have greatly improved over the years and can be used to correct all kinds of dental problems, especially with your gum line.

While dental fillings and root canals aren’t considered cosmetic treatment plans, they can be wonders for a smile makeover. These procedures are designed to help the overall health of your mouth rather than the appearance. Talk to your local Lewisville dentist today for more information about non cosmetic procedures.

These implants are almost seen as partial dentures. This is mainly because implants are used to fix a smaller area of your teeth, and can often accommodate 2 or 3 teeth in a row. You’ll usually see this when you lose teeth in an accident and need replacements.

Dental bonding is a common procedure in cosmetic dental work and is where dental acrylic is applied to the surface of teeth to create a bond between the resin and the teeth. Dental crowns are another cosmetic dental procedure, used for other dental restorations, such as the top of your back molars.

You can find plenty of smile makeover procedures in Lewisville, Texas. There, professionals can evaluate your teeth and help you choose which smile makeovers are right for you. Some procedures may be painful, so it is important to let the cosmetic dental specialist know what your pain threshold is so they can work with you accordingly.

Cosmetic smile makeovers can be completed in one of two ways: closed techniques or open techniques. With closed techniques, dentists will use dental tools to close gaps in the teeth. This prevents unevenness in the smile and allows dental acrylic to bond better to the teeth. Open techniques, on the other hand, allow the dental practitioner to be able to see into your mouth so they can complete the smile makeovers as comfortably as possible for you.

The dentist that you see can determine which technique will work best for you, depending upon how severe your dental problem is and what results you are looking for. There are many benefits to having cosmetic dental work done. You can boost your self-confidence, feel more attractive, and potentially deal with any gum disease or oral health problems after visiting a dentist.

If you have any specific preferences or requests, the right dental clinic will be able to accommodate you. Once the work is completed, you can look forward to seeing the positive effects immediately!

At Infinity Smile Center, we’re committed to providing the best cosmetic dentistry we can. If you have any more questions or concerns, visit us online or call today for more information at 972-573-4723.



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