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24 Sep
Infinity Smile Center Lewisville Dentist in Lewisville Texas

A dentist in Lewisville Texas is the first line of protection against common dental health problems. Finding a reliable dentist can be tricky, but we can’t stress how important it is. Any dental office that doesn’t offer the following services is not an office that you should trust.

A dentist who specializes in cavity fillings is crucial for your oral health. Filling a cavity is a highly successful treatment for tooth decay. This is one of the most recognizable dental services, but this process has evolved in recent years. Different materials are used so that you won’t always need to resort to silver or metal fillings in your mouth.

Cavity fillings are one of the most common procedures that a dentist performs. These cavities occur when there is a break in the tooth’s structure. The cavities may also be referred to as “cavity rot” due to the fact that they tend to form very quickly. One of the most common types of cavity fillings that are used is silver fillings, but porcelain fillings are sometimes used to resemble your other teeth in an effort to appear natural.

Another procedure that a dentist in Lewisville Texas can perform is teeth cleaning and crowning. A teeth cleaning can be done to help remove plaque build up and to prevent the formation of cavities. A general dentist may choose to use an ultraviolet light for this procedure.

Dental crowns are another procedure that is commonly seen in our dental office. This form of dental care is primarily for rotting teeth, where the tips are replaced with metal coverings to prevent additional bacteria from rotting your tooth.

Teeth cleanings are another valuable procedure that brings regular dental maintenance to the next level. Having a professional cleaning can greatly improve your dental health by providing industrial grade cleaning technology for hard to reach places and remove any additional plaque. Brushing twice a day is great, but having a professional teeth cleaning once a year will do wonders for your health.

Tooth extractions are another common procedure and are excellent for “restorative” dentistry. Your overall dental health is what’s being restored, since a rotting tooth can spread disease to the rest of your mouth, causing gum disease or another tooth infection.

A general dentist can be an extremely valuable resource for those who are looking to improve their oral health. With an experienced and well educated staff, we provide exceptional care for all of our patients.

Finding a reliable dentist in Lewisville Texas that can handle your general dentistry is key. For more information about our services, visit us online or call our dental office today at 972-573-4723. We’re happy to answer any questions on our dental treatments in Lewisville TX.


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