Why Professional Teeth Whitening Is Superior to Over-the-Counter Products

14 Dec

When you want to whiten your teeth, you may start by looking around at your local drugstore. There are gels and toothpastes, lights, strips, and so many different products to choose from that you’re not sure which will do the trick. However, none can compare with professional teeth whitening.

Dr. Harry Ashitey, expert cosmetic and family dentist at Infinity Smile Center in Lewisville, Texas, explains why.

1. Professional teeth whitening starts with sparkling clean teeth

When you take home an over-the-counter kit, you’re working on teeth that may be coated with plaque or marred by tartar that interferes with the whitening agent’s ability to reach your tooth’s surface.

With professional teeth whitening at Infinity Smile Center, your teeth are first professionally cleaned. This includes using special tools that chip away any tartar on your teeth so the whitening agent can reach the full surface of your teeth, leading to more consistent results.

2. Professional teeth whitening is only done on healthy teeth

You look at your own teeth every day, but you may not recognize signs of tooth decay or gum erosion. In addition to a cleaning before your teeth whitening session, Dr. Ashitey and his team also examine your teeth and gums thoroughly to ensure they’re healthy. If you have cavities, cracks, or other problems, Dr. Ashitey resolves them before proceeding to teeth whitening.

3. Professional teeth whitening whitens more ...

Because your professional teeth whitening is overseen by a trained dental professional, the strength of the chemicals that eliminate stains and whiten your teeth are stronger in products your dentist uses than those that can be sold in over-the-counter kits. While an OTC kit may lighten your teeth a few shades over time, Infinity Smile Center can brighten your teeth by up to eight shades in one session.

4. … in less time

One disadvantage of home kits is that you need to apply the gels, strips, or other whiteners many times over a series of days to weeks. In contrast, a professional teeth whitening session at Infinity Smiles Center only takes about an hour.

5. Professional teeth whitening doesn’t harm your gums

Many over-the-counter kits include trays or strips that hold a whitening agent against your teeth. However, because the trays and strips aren’t custom-designed to your mouth, the agent may interact with your sensitive gum tissue, causing irritation.

Dr. Ashitey and his trained team ensure that the whitening agents only touch your teeth, so your gums are safe and you remain comfortable. Your professional whitening may include a take-home kit for touch-ups, and your dental team ensures that it fits your tooth and gum formation for maximum comfort and safety.

6. Professional teeth whitening doesn’t cause sensitivity

When you buy an OTC kit, you can’t alter the strength or types of chemicals to avoid tooth sensitivity. A professional teeth whitening session is preceded by an evaluation of your teeth and gums. If you have sensitive teeth, Dr. Ashitey customizes your whitening solution to accommodate your needs and avoid irritation.

7. Professional teeth whitening gives you the degree of whitening you want

You’ve probably encountered people whose teeth are so overly bleached that they don’t look natural anymore. Dr. Ashitey ensures that your smile looks radiant yet natural and healthy. Before your teeth whitening session, he consults with you about the degree of improvement you want and modifies the whitening agents accordingly.

8. OTC kits can damage your teeth

One of the strongest arguments against over-the-counter whitening kits is that you have no idea whether they’re helping or hurting your teeth. Exposing your enamel and dentin to constant whitening can erode the protective components of your teeth over time. Professional teeth whitening always includes an evaluation of your oral health, so you’re not putting your teeth and gums at risk.

9. OTC kits can’t give advice

Seeing your dentist regularly for professional cleanings and whitening touch-ups is a great way to stay on top of your oral health. If you want to keep your sparkling new smile white, Dr. Ashitey recommends avoiding beverages and foods that cause stains — such as berries, red wine, coffee, and tea — or rinsing well or brushing after indulging in stain-inducing foods or beverages.

10. OTC kits can’t offer alternatives

While you may think that the dull and dingy color of your teeth is the only problem you need to fix, an OTC kit may do more harm than good. If your teeth have other issues, such as cracks and cavities, or if your enamel has been weakened by medication or over-brushing, Dr. Ashitey may instead recommend a more permanent solution, such as dental veneers.

Optimize your oral health and get the brightest smile possible by starting with a teeth whitening consultation at Infinity Smile Center. Call us or use the online request form to get started.



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