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Professional teeth whitening uses special gels and techniques to achieve dramatic results in just one office visit. At Infinity Smile Center in Lewisville, TX, Dr. Ajikwaga Felli uses state-of-the-art whitening materials to help every patient enjoy whiter, brighter, healthier-looking smiles.

Teeth Whitening Q&A

What are the primary causes of teeth discoloration and yellowing?

In addition to poor oral hygiene habits, the primary causes of tooth yellowing and discoloration are tobacco products and the foods and beverages we consume. Coffee, tea, red wine, energy drinks, dark berries, and products with natural and artificial food colorings can all cause teeth to become yellow or discolored. Foods high in acids can weaken tooth enamel temporarily, allowing these stains to penetrate the tooth surface. These superficial stains can all be corrected with professional teeth whitening procedures. Sometimes, discoloration develops inside the tooth as a result of deep infection or trauma, long-term use of certain medicines, or metabolic or other systemic diseases. These issues typically require another approach like a veneer, crown or cosmetic bonding to correct their appearance.

Is professional teeth whitening safe?

Yes, professional teeth whitening is designed to be used under the direction of a dentist, and the products and procedures have been tested and approved for use by dental professionals.

How is professional in-office teeth whitening performed?

In-office whitening usually is preceded by a cleaning to ensure the tooth surfaces are free of any debris that could interfere with the whitening product. A special guard is used to keep the lips away from the teeth during the treatment so the special whitening gel remains in place. The gel is applied to the surface of each tooth and a light is used to activate the gel for deep, consistent and dramatic whitening. The entire treatment can be completed in one hour, helping patients erase years of stains and discoloration in a single visit. Once the treatment is complete, patients can resume their normal routines.

Is professional teeth whitening better than the kits I can buy in the store?

Yes. Professional teeth whitening uses stronger whitening agents and a special application process designed to take the individual patient’s teeth and mouth shapes into account for more consistent, deeper results that last much longer than the results achieved with over-the-counter products. Plus, professional application can help minimize exposure to the gel and the temporary tooth sensitivity that can occur following a whitening treatment.

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